Life Is Crazy

Dear Tchaka,

Is the afterlife as crazy as this life?  I’ve been meaning to write to you for a while but my life has turned completely sideways.  Which is fine, I expect no less out of this crazy roller coaster ride.  I have a lot of feelings about going back to Arkansas, but I’m putting those aside because the most important thing to me right now is Sammi.  Its been tough.  People aren’t kind to pit bulls, though they are the sweetest, most loyal breed of canine one can find.  Every time I think of how much easier financially, mentally and physically my life would be if I gave her back to the animal shelter, I also think about how she would never give up on me, even if it put her in harm’s way.  Friends never give up on each other.  I put the pic of you in Jersey as my banner pic on Facebook so that every time my situation seems impossible I can look at your giant smile and your encouraging thumbs up and imagine you saying, “Don’t give up, Captain!  Keep fighting the good fight!”  Its going to be a long, hard couple years, but I’m gonna go back to school.  Then I’m gonna save up for an RV so that next time I have to move I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get Sam to come with me.  I also won’t have to deal with people’s anti-pit bull sentiments, as far as housing goes.  She’ll always have a place to stay, no matter where we are.

-Captain Sparkles