….and time continues to past, but it does not take me further from you, only closer.  I wrote this story before you passed away.  It was about loss, about life continuing after loss and the things people do to get by.  It was accepted for publication the day after you died.  It took me a week to respond to the editors.  I asked them to put “For Tchaka” on it, but I didn’t expect anything bc space is so limited when it comes to printed publications.  But it arrived in the mail a week ago.  As always, you are still here, teaching me that no matter how many trials I face, there is always something to appreciate in life.

“I mourn for those who never knew you

It won’t be long, we’ll meet again,

Your memory is never passing

It won’t be long, we’ll meet again,

My love for you is never passing”

-Killswitch Engage, “Rose of Sharyn”

-Cpt Sparkles

p.s.  I’m in desperate need of inspiration for a story that is 3,000 words or less.  Not only is inspiration a rare commodity at times, but to think of an engaging, powerful story that is going to be less than ten pages is really tough. So if you happen to have any divine inspiration lying around where you’re at, please share.  Thanks!


A Poem For Barbara

did i tell you about the story of my dad? the man called RAY–like a sun beam?
did i tell you the story of how he died on a bike ride?
bloody on a curb?
did i tell you?
a broken man on a broken, bloody curb
on a sunny day
and a sunny man
who lit my heart
would leave me
and the world
on a sunny bike ride day
a sunny moon lit night

leaving me
in a wilderness of pain

did i tell you?